Web Hosting – Facts and Figures

Web Hosting, Facts and FiguresI have been comparing web hosting packages lately, mainly as research for a website I am working on so my visitors will know which hosting package will suit them.

One of the web hosting packages I examined has 10 GB of web space and 300 GB of transfer per month for a reasonable fee of $US 4.99 per month, so what do all these figures mean?

I will attempt to put into perspective for you. The page that you are reading now has an approximate file size of 140,000 bytes. As you can see this page consists mainly of text with a few small graphics, a typical blog page. A page with graphics, photos and flash media will of course be larger in size than a page consisting mainly of text.

So how does this web page of 140,000 bytes fit in to the 10 Giga-Bytes of web space and 300 Giga-Bytes of transfer per month?

The web space and transfers also includes any databases that you may have, as well as the sending, receiving and storing of emails. The calculations and estimates will only include the storage and transfers of web pages. As you will see in the following calculations, these extras, are merely incidental

First off I will look at the web space. The 10 GB of web space means that 76,000 pages can be hosted at the file size of 140,000 bytes, that is a huge amount of information, I would seriously doubt that any one person would be able to create that much data.

Now for the transfer of data from your web site, 300 GB how many page views does that equate to. This blog page as mentioned before is 140,000 bytes of data which equals 1 page view so the 300 GB will give this page over 23 million page views per month.

For $US 4.99 per month you can host 76,000 pages and have over 23 million page views per month, as a comparison www.debian.org has over 20 million pages views per month.

Assuming the above is still not enough, then for $US 8.95 per month at a different web hosting service you can receive unlimited web space and transfers.