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Hardware and Software Requirements for Making Websites Update

Some time ago I wrote about the software and hardware requirements that I use to make websites. A lot has changed since then, my main method of creating websites now is to use WordPress. My previous post discussed the hardware and software that I was using about 3 years ago, well my hardware that was a […]

404 Error Pages Make them work for you.

404 Error Pages. Stop making the 404 error page an exit page to your website. Create a page that will direct your visitors back to your web page.

Under Construction – Website Content

Would you ask a printer to print pamphlets that say “Web Page Under Construction” or similar, No you wouldn’t. So why is it acceptable to put it on your website…..


Web page content, this is what you are reading now. How did it get here? What software was used? How is it loaded to the hosting provider? The content you are reading now is part of a WordPress Blog. WordPress is a “Content Management System (CMS)” which allows you to log in to the website […]

Web Hosting

As defined by, Web hosting is a business providing hardware and services to store, maintain, and present Web sites and provide Internet connection to those sites. What the above is saying is that your website files are stored on a computer that is made available to the Internet. Most providers have a basic service […]

Making Web Sites Overview

Building a website, what a task, where do I start,  what do I need, what do I do, it can be overwhelming. This web site will help you through the maze of what is needed. The basic requirements to get a site up and running are:- Domain Name Web Hosting Content The Domain Name identifies […]