SEO Practices – Comments on Blogs

I have been creating web pages for some time and have spent considerable time researching SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, and as the owner of several blogs have always wondered about one of the techniques.

Quoted from the results of a recent Google search on “SEO Blog Comments”:

“By taking the time to comment on blogs, even one or two comments per day can lead to extremely positive results such as reputation building, expert positioning, and the building of inbound links, even if said blogs use the no follow attribute in their comment fields (and if they do not, all the better).”

SEO Practices - Comments on BlogsThe above has some valid points, and as long as the comments are on topic and are well thought responses then I guess you may have a positive moderation and your comment allowed.

Before you make a comment, place yourself in the webmasters shoes and ask. How will a comment of “Nice site” or “That is a valid point” followed by a link to a site selling “Viagra” enhance their their Blog? The answer is, quite simply, it will not.

As a webmaster, one of my blogs is for my accounting practice, and any comments like the preceding one will always be treated as spam and deleted. Most webmasters, myself included, have spent considerable amount of time on their blog, writing posts and promoting their site. We appreciate comments on topic and in fact encourage it, and if a URL is added to the comment, that to must be on topic and very relevant to the comment.

I guess the last thing I would be doing is to denigrate my site with a “Nice site” comment and a link to sell Viagra. To give you an idea of the success rate, of the 3500 comments posted only 11 comments have been approve and are displayed on my blog, the remainder are all “Nice site” comments.

The time and effort you put in making a comment on another blog will be matched by the time and effort of the Blogs owner.