Requirements to Start a Website

Requirements to Start a WebsiteWhat are the requirements to create a website? Below is a list of what I think are the basic requirements of starting a new site:-

  • Idea or reason for a website,
  • Domain name for the website,
  • Hosting of the site,
  • Content of the site.
  • Promotion of the website.


Why do you want a website? Will it be for product sales? Will it be the for the promotion of your business? Or, be providing a website for a community or to make a forum or a blog.  Once you have decided on why to have your website, then you will need the following.

Domain Name:

A domain name is typed in or clicked to get to a particular web site, is this web sites domain name. I have chosen a domain name that represents the nature of the website, but this is not always necessary requirement, for instance Google does not represent the nature of their website.

Domain names can be bought at, you should be able to get a .com domain name for $5.99 US

Web Site Hosting Account:

Your web site then needs to be hosted, hosting is basically a folder on a computer that contain the contents of your web site. dreamhost is able to provide a hosting service for $4 per month as well as a domain registration. In fact most companies will provide both hosting and domain registration.


Content is what people see when they go to your Web site. You are visiting this site, and what you can see on this page, as well as the linked pages is content. The simplest form of content is in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) files, little scripts that tell your browser what to show when someone views your site.

photo credit: Shashwat_Nagpal via photopin cc