Reading for Absolute Beginners

When I started working on web pages (late 90′s) their wasn’t the luxury of being able to browse the Internet on broadband as we do now. Dial up was slow and there just wasn’t the content out their to find. So down to the local book store and purchase a book.

Even today, I much prefer having reference material by my computer as I am working on a web site. Hence the question below, hopefully I can give you some ideas.

What book is the best for for an absolute beginner?

First I checked the publishing date, this particular book is for November 2008, relatively current. HTML hasn’t change a great deal in the last 10 years, but how we apply the html has, a recent book is paramount. I have seen books for sale that still talk about a browser called Netscape, the browser hasn’t been around for a while now.

Amazon is a great place to get feedback about a particular book, the consensus for this book is that if you have any prior knowledge for HTML, then this book may be very limiting.

This book gives you a glimpse in the final chapters about other coding methods that can be used to enhance your web page, style sheets and javascript. So with your new HTML skills you will know what direction to travel next.

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