Getting your web page out there.

You have your site up and running, how do you get people to the site.

By adding you site to search engines is a step towards getting traffic to your site. Below is a list of search engines that this site has been added to:-

  1. Add your URL to Google, the largest search engine.
  2. Yahoo, but you will need to register and set up a Yahoo account.
  3. Live, that will have your site submitted to the major search engines.
  4. DMOZ, the largest open directory that use real people to approve all the listings.
  5. Submitexpress, will for free submit to approximately 20 search engines.
  6. Cabooseopendirectory, this is a free directory as well, which is run by myself.

This is only a small selection of websites to submit your website, please if you find others, add a comment so it can be shared.

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