Credible Blog Comments

Sunday morning and I am browsing the WordPress Dashboard, checking for upgrades, checking the comments and viewing the stats for this website while having the mandatory cup of coffee.

Credible Comments on PostsHaving comments on your Blog improves the websites accountability. It shows that people are reading your blog, and helps provide a sense of community. The comments increase the content of your blog and also offers someone else’s opinion to your blog, which could either agree or disagree with your post.

While savouring my second coffee I encountered the comment below.

“Just had to take the two seconds to post a thank you. Read through through your website and really liked the written content, bookmarked and I plan on coming back soon!”

For me, well it just doesn’t sound all that credible and really, is the writer conveying a message, and in my personal opinion I can not see it enhancing my websites accountability.

So what would you do with a post like this… send it to the trash or add as a comment to your site. To the writers of these comment, if you want the webmaster to add the comment please make it more relevant to the topic at hand, and not copy and paste a “standard” comment.

One Response to 'Credible Blog Comments'

  1. Karen says:

    Stay true to your principles, I have to delete that same comment from my blog everyday. (But I don’t want to link to them or what they are selling and that’s what kills the “nice job” type of comment for me.)
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