Web page content, this is what you are reading now. How did it get here? What software was used? How is it loaded to the hosting provider?

The content you are reading now is part of a WordPress Blog. WordPress is a “Content Management System (CMS)” which allows you to log in to the website and make changes to your web page and save. The pages are then updated immediately.

I also create web page content using dreamweaver software, one of many commercially available software on the market. Most software gives you a choice of designing the page via a graphical or text based interface.

Their are numerous free html editors available for download, a quick google search will provide a list of editors to create your web page content. The most basic editor is using windows notepad and viewing in a web browser.

If you are not interested in learning how to create a website then a “Content Management System (CMS)” may be what you are looking for. A CMS will let you choose a template and then you enter the text and information you need. A Blog is a form of CMS.

You will need to test that your web page works in different browsers, the most poular is Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, my favorite browser is Firefox 3, there is also Google Chrome, Opera, Safari (mac) and Konqueror (linux). I have a copy of Chrome, IE7, Safari, Opera and Firefox 3 on my PC and make sure that the web page works in all browsers as they are the most common.