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Hardware and Software Requirements for Making Websites Update

Some time ago I wrote about the software and hardware requirements that I use to make websites. A lot has changed since then, my main method of creating websites now is to use WordPress. My previous post discussed the hardware and software that I was using about 3 years ago, well my hardware that was a […]

Linux or Windows Hosting Package, What is best?

When signing up for your web hosting package you may be asked what type of operating system do you want to host your web site on, the 2 main choices are Linux and Windows. So what does this mean and which operating system do you choose? The Linux hosting server are created using the free […]

Hardware and Software Requirements for Making Websites.

Apart from knowing how to register a domain, organise hosting and add content to your web page. What hardware and software can I use to make a website, is my computer good enough do I have to buy expensive software? As a web page designer and an article writer I am sharing with you what I use.