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Credible Blog Comments

Sunday morning and I am browsing the WordPress Dashboard, checking for upgrades, checking the comments and viewing the stats for this website while having the mandatory cup of coffee. Having comments on your Blog improves the websites accountability. It shows that people are reading your blog, and helps provide a sense of community. The comments increase the content […]

6 Figure Incomes from a Website, a get rich quick story?

6 figure income from a website, does it really happen? Of course it does, all you need to do is to follow these easy steps and you will be on your way to financial freedom never needing to work again. Yes, I am being cynical, will these sites provide you with a web site that will give you a reputable presence on the internet.

404 Error Pages Make them work for you.

404 Error Pages. Stop making the 404 error page an exit page to your website. Create a page that will direct your visitors back to your web page.

Under Construction – Website Content

Would you ask a printer to print pamphlets that say “Web Page Under Construction” or similar, No you wouldn’t. So why is it acceptable to put it on your website…..

Website Design Best Practices

Good website design can be defined as giving your visitors a logical way to navigate through your site so they can easily find the objects or information they are looking for without being distracted and confusing them. That’s a tall order and unfortunately, few websites fit the mold, however if you want to design a website that gets traffic, sales and better ranking, pay special attention to these few but powerful website design best practices. They’ll not only benefit your human visitors but if done correctly, they will help your search engine…

Requirements to Start a Website

What are the requirements to create a website? Below is a list of what I think are the basic requirements of starting a new site:- Idea or reason for a website, Domain name for the website, Hosting of the site, Content of the site. Promotion of the website. Reason: Why do you want a website? Will it […]

What topic to choose for your website

On what topic shall I do a my website? It is a question I ask myself many times. My first website was easy, I wanted an online presence for my accounting practice. The subsequent websites have not been as easy, I have had many spur of the moment ideas, which sadly have turned into non-events. This […]


Web page content, this is what you are reading now. How did it get here? What software was used? How is it loaded to the hosting provider? The content you are reading now is part of a WordPress Blog. WordPress is a “Content Management System (CMS)” which allows you to log in to the website […]