Basic Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Basic Search Engine Optimisation - SEOSEO – Search Engine Optimisation techniques can be applied while constructing the content of your web page. These simple steps can increase the ranking of your site dramatically.

Keywords, are what do expect your visitors to type into the Search Engine to find your web page. Talk to friends about your site, source ideas of what search engine keywords can be used to find your site. I created a web site for my accounting business, I asked clients and friends what keywords they would use to find my site, their answers mainly involved the keywords “Tax Accountant Adelaide”.

Content, now that you have your keywords they need to be used through out the content of your web page. Your keywords should be placed in the <title> tags, <h1> or <h2> tags and then sparingly through out the content of your page. I also use the keywords as anchor text to the home page of my sites.

Compliant html markup, yes there are rules to writing html markup script, please spend some time making sure that your page complies, search engines are more likely to crawl a compliant site. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) provides a free validator at

Anchor text, when listing your site on search engines, directories or any other sites, always keep the url and anchor text consistently the same. For my accounting website the url is and my anchor text is Tax Accountant Adelaide. Search engines treat and and as 3 different web page addresses, even though they all arrive at the same place. The best example of anchor text is “click here” , do a search and the top listing will be the Adobe Reader website. It is the top listing because, we all “click here” to get our free copy of adobe.

photo credit: marciookabe via photopin cc