6 Figure Incomes from a Website, a get rich quick story?

6 figure income from a website, does it really happen? Of course it does, all you need to do is to follow these 3 easy steps and you will be on your way to financial freedom never needing to work again.

  1. Select a niche product
  2. Market the niche product
  3. Build a rapport with your customer

How many stories have you read that promise 6 figure incomes?  Heaps I am assuming, my in-box is full of spam saying that it is possible.

6 Figure Incomes from a Website, a get rich quick story?I am wondering, how many of these website owners are actually earning their cited 6 figure income?

I guess I am or can be very cynical when it comes to get rich quick stories/schemes, I believe a website should have credibility that has been created over a period of time. The websites that promote financial freedom all have the same feel and design, like they have all come from the same template.

Yes I do earn an income from my websites, and if you include the cents it is a 6 figure income. My style is to create websites that I have an interest in, something I enjoy doing. I focus on getting a good ranking on the search engines, provide quality advice and content, and getting visitors to my site.

Once I have accomplished these items I explore methods of making an income from the site. To be able to sell a product I find it easier to endorse if I believe in the product.

In most cases I will use affiliate marketing to produce an income from my new site. Affiliate marketing is being paid for a lead, referral or click to a merchants website by means of a commission, a set referral fee or cents per click.

When you are deciding on your path of earning an income from the web, will you go with the template style website that will provide you with riches beyond your dreams, or will you go building a reputable presence on the web?

photo credit: 401(K) 2013 via photopin cc