Reducing Spam Comments on WordPress

Comment Spam, if you have a WordPress Blog then you know what I am talking about, those comments that want to sell crap via your website. Over the life of this blog I have just a tad over 1 million spam comments, with half of those coming in the last couple of months. The influx […]

WordPress, mass deleting spam

While my website in not blessed with heaps of new unique visitors, I am however cursed with an over abundant supply of spam. Today, as I am writing this post, there are well over 120 thousand spammy comments on this site. WordPress does allow you to empty the spam via their dashboard, however it only […]

SEO Changes to WordPress – Part 3

Wow, have I been slack in monitoring the changes and administering the new changes, which includes adding content to this website. Maybe I should change the title to “A slackers guide to making websites”. Anyway, as I haven’t been checking on this site on a regular basis I was unaware of the extra traffic coming to […]

Hardware and Software Requirements for Making Websites Update

Some time ago I wrote about the software and hardware requirements that I use to make websites. A lot has changed since then, my main method of creating websites now is to use WordPress. My previous post discussed the hardware and software that I was using about 3 years ago, well my hardware that was a […]

SEO Changes to WordPress – Part 2

Ha, it has only been a couple of days since my last post and my unique page views have dropped to 166 from 183. Not that I expected a huge immediate increase to my unique page views, but some increase would have been nice. Anyway my tasks for the foreseeable future will be to re-visit every post to edit […]

SEO Changes to WordPress – Part 1

I have had this website in operation now for several years, and well to be frank it really hasn’t gone anywhere. Sure I have lots of content, but lots of visitors I don’t have. For the month preceding this post I had 183 unique visitors, which through Google Adwords generated a whopping couple of dollars of income, relative to […]

Linux or Windows Hosting Package, What is best?

When signing up for your web hosting package you may be asked what type of operating system do you want to host your web site on, the 2 main choices are Linux and Windows. So what does this mean and which operating system do you choose? The Linux hosting server are created using the free […]

Are You Backing up?

Well are you? Do have a copy of your recent work backed up on a USB, Portable Hard Drive or even better, somewhere off site? Starting a back up program after you have lost all your data is just to late. Backing up your data can be as simple as having all you files in […]

Meta Tag Description and Search Engines

What is a meta description tag? The “meta tags” form part of the html markup on your web page, however they are not a necessary part of your web pages structure. The “meta tags” are used to pass basic information from your page to another page should it be requested. Google, Bing and Yahoo access […]

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? SEO is the process of improving the position of your website in major search engines after specific keywords are typed into the search box. The most popular search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO improves your position on the free listings on these popular search engines. The ultimate […]